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Orders should be placed before Monday December 18 to ensure delivery before Christmas. 

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More Sketches from Spain on Patreon

To follow along with more travelogue sketches & stories from my winter in Spain, follow along on my Patreon:

I am posting weekly on Patreon and will be sending out my first round of postcards, prints and originals to my patrons upon my return in March. Subscribing before then will guarantee you get in on the first round of mail outs! 

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From Ottawa to Orce - pt 5

David & Simon returned home on the same bus that brought me to Orce. I picked them up at 8pm and they were tired, and found it a little strange (“We’ve picked up a lot of people like this, but never been on the other end.”) I had dinner waiting for them when we get home, and we chat for a few hours, comparing our respective journeys, before everyone needs to head to bed. The following day they drive me to Baza, where I catch a bus to Granada. It is sad to go, but we have developed a good relationship and I feel like I could come and house sit here again. I’m exhausted on the bus and stare blankly at the beautiful (now snow covered) mountains. In Granada I have decided to take the train to Madrid which means getting from the bus station to the train station. I ask the info person and she says “take a bus, it’s very far” but it seems to be 30 minutes walk according to Google. I have about 3 hours until the train.

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From Ottawa to Orce - pt 4

This past week I have not done very much sketching. The weather has gotten “bad” and I’m also getting tired of driving. I knew going into the housesit the place was remote, I would need to drive for groceries, restaurants, etc. So it was nice to have an excuse to just stay in because of the rain. I do feel bad for the outside cats who are quite miserable. Many of them are huddled in a pile of leaves under shelter in the feeding area during rainstorms. 

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From Ottawa to Orce - pt 3

The past few sketches I’ve worked on have tried to capture a little more of the vistas around here, which often include mountains in the background. One day I hike into the hills on the other side of the valley and sketch back towards the village and house where I’m staying. It’s quiet, save for the flies buzzing around. Nearby a chimney spins in the wind, squeaking rhythmically, reminding me of the introduction to a Western film I can’t put my finger on. 

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