Mellos Diner

In October 2015, news came that the current iteration of 73 year old Mellos Diner would not have their lease renewed by the landlord. The landlord gave another tenant, neighbouring restaurant Ace Mercado, the option to take over the Mellos lease. They accepted, claiming they would maintain Mellos "as it is" while at the same time saying they would be knocking down a wall between the two restaurants, and "adding more seating" to Mellos. The public reaction was swift, coalescing online around #SaveMellos. 

Regardless of the eventual outcome, a sketching mission to Mellos was necessary. I was joined by Cindi Foreman and Mawt Trood and we spend a few hours sketching on a 20 degree afternoon in early November.

I have given a selection of prints of these sketches to Mellos, to do with them as they please. 

Additional prints can be found in the shop. 

Mellos (from North)

Archival print (brush pen, digital colour) 

Signed & numbered, edition of 20

9.5" x 13" 

Includes free shipping to Ontario 

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