Shortly after I moved to Ottawa (almost a decade ago!) I randomly ended up at a capoeira event at the Eri Cafe. The capoeira was ok, but I was more interested in the excellent music and chatted with the DJ, a one Alexandre Mattar. He told me about TIMEKODE, and attending monthly quickly became a ritual. I met the other half of TK, Kwende Memetic Kefentse, a few years later, and began working with him on various projects, revolving around music and it's intersection in urban space.

Friday, Dec 4th marks the 10 year anniversary of TK, and the release of TIMEKODE X (Vol 1) - a limited edition 10" featuring remixes of The Souljazz Orchestra and Bonjay. The cover art was a collaboration with Kalkidan Assefa, who illustrated the figure + hand lettering, while I handled the cityscape and graphic design. The covers are silkscreened and limited to 300, with a few extra special editions in the works. They will be on sale tomorrow night at the party, featuring special guest Quantic Music, with visuals by Mawt Trood and the DJ trio of Memetic, Zattar and Trevor Walker holding down the fort.


It is always a pleasure working on musical projects. Stay tuned for future releases, and check out the music here: https://timekode.bandcamp.com/album/timekode-x-vol-1-the-souljazz-orchestra-x-bonjay-ott