Framed by Staples

A few weeks ago I was commissioned to produce a series of images for Fido Mobile’s #GetCurious campaign. The images were to be a series local to Ottawa, some of which will be used in an Ottawa-specific music video by artist Keys N Krates. 

The project was right up my alley, as it were. I began repurposing existing images I’ve illustrated from around the city and installing them on telephone poles close to where the original illustration was made. As someone who spends a lot of time on location (en plein air) I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about how to bring viewers of my artwork to the actual place where the work was made. 

One of the themes across my illustrations of urban settings is the telephone pole, partic- ularly old wooden poles, riddled with staples. These poles were amongst the first place I began advertising and promoting my work when I moved to Ottawa. The notion of installing artwork (printed on high quality archival paper) stapled onto a gritty, tempo- rary setting was very interesting. After the initial installations & documentation, I began to return to each location (sometimes in hopes of photographing it in better light). Some of the prints stayed up for days, while others were torn down or taken within hours. 

The notion of remixing and re-appropriateing artwork is very appealing to me. I’m interested and excited to see how they will be used by director Vania Heymann for the Keys N Krates music video. It was a pleasure to return my artwork to their founding location and repurpose them for this project.