Sketching the Prince of Wales bridge

The abandoned Prince of Wales bridge is being slightly more aggressively fenced off by the City in an attempt to prevent trespassing. It is currently used by many people as a rogue pedestrian bridge, despite the lack of proper footpath or handrails. This is a sketch of the bridge drawn on Labour Day, where I saw hundreds of people using the bridge over an afternoon.

I have plenty of thoughts on this bridge and the City's way of dealing with it. If there is indeed a long term plan to connect Ottawa & Gatineau on the light rail system, this might make sense. However, given the overwhelming love of the bridge by the public, and the high use it gets (despite not being safe) it is clear that there is a demand for some kind of pedestrian/cyclist only crossing from Ottawa to Gatineau.

More sketches & thoughts coming (Yes, I did get a few of the main entrance before the new fence.)