Illustrating Change on Bank Street 

Colin White & Liam Mooney 

@ColinWhite | @JackpineCo

Jane's Walk Ottawa, May 3, 2015 

This walk will cover a short distance along Bank street between Arlington and Nepean. The walk will focus on a series of buildings sketched by walk co-host Colin White.  Most of these buildings have changed in the few years since the sketches were done, and a few notably have not changed.  We'll discuss the evolution of the individual buildings and the overall character of the street. 

1. Ada's Diner (Bank & Arlington, 2013)

2. Chip Stand (near Bank & Arlington, 2006) 

3. Don Alfonso (Bank & Gladstone, 2006) 

4. India Importers (Bank & Gilmour, 2006) 

5. Barrymore's (Bank, between Gilmour & MacLaren, 2013) 

6. Somerset House (Bank & Somerset, 2014) 

7. Royal Variety (Bank & Cooper, 2006) 

8. Corner of Bank & Nepean (2006)