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Patreon allows artists to generate a sustainable income making art. A small contribution from you can help make this possible. 

Patreon gives an artist freedom to create without appeasing an aristocratic, commercial or bureaucratic interest. It creates a reciprocal relationship in which the artist is not in fact employed — but inspired — by their patrons. 

Patreon de-commodifies an individual piece of art while simultaneously propelling a new economic reality for artists. It gives an artist room to create in ways they might not have before.

It is one of Colin's goals to do a cross-Canada travelogue series, cumulating in a traveling exhibit and a book. 

Why become a Patron?

Aside from being able to nonchalantly tell people you’re literally a “patron of the arts” - you will be giving Colin the flexibility to take on more ambitious projects, to travel and sketch beyond Ottawa, and to produce comix based on urban sketching experiences. 

This is also a subscription to art, with yearly mailings of art postcards, unique 'Patreon-only' prints or original sketches. 

Your patronage will help inspire and sustain all future work.

Become a Patron of Colin's Art