HighJinx Ottawa

HighJinx is a small business in West Centretown which sells antiques and vintage items, and donates the profits to vulnerable members of the community. In 2014 their rental space in Chinatown was sold, and they were forced to relocate to Catherine street. They recently announced via social media, that building was now for sale and their operation was again at risk of closing. Having lived in a rental unit in a building which was sold, I can appreciate how stressful and difficult this is. HighJinx has began a crowdfunding campaign to help get them through this.

Before the original location closed, I made a sketch of the building. The original drawing is for sale, and when sold, I will donate 50% to HighJinx's campaign. 

Furthermore, if a very generous buyer opts to donate the original to the owners of HighJinx, I will give a limited original print of the illustration to the buyer.