Rideau2Richmond Video / Short Doc

Last summer, my friend & collaborator, Kwende (aka Memetic), passed me the album he had composed for the #2 bus route, part of a commissioned project from Artengine. Memetic had rode the route numerous times, doing audio recordings, and also digging at every record shop along the route. (Interestingly, most of Ottawa's record shops fall along the #2 bus route.) The music he created from these recordings, samples & original compositions, is fantastic - especially for fans of J Dilla or Madlib. We began discussing how the concept would benefit from a visual element — and thus we began doing a video version of the project, with ambient footage of the bus route, and vignettes of Memetic's process. 

The video was released recently on Wax Poetics alongside a review of the album. Below is the 13 minute video for Rideau2Richmond.