Forgotten Spaces Exhibit

Over the summer of 2015 a group of artists met weekly in various alleyways around Ottawa and made art, often sketches, watercolours or photographs. On September 19, at Chinatown Remixed, the group put on an exhibit of this work, called Forgotten Spaces. The work was only a selection of the work produced over the summer by a group of talented artists, including Marc Adornato, Stephen Frew, Mawt Trood, Kristina Corre, Cindi Foreman, Anthony Parravano, Emma Cochrane, Chris Roussakis and myself. We decided to hold a show in an alleyway, and used doors scavenged from the sidewalk to display our work. 

Here are a few photographs from Forgotten Spaces - an exhibit of artwork inspired by Ottawa's alleyways. 

Step 1: Aquire our walls... aka doors from the sidewalk. 

Step 2: Sort out which prints go on what door... 

Step 3: Apply wheat paste

Step 4: Prop up doors, complete with already very dirty prints... 

We also hung some prints on the back of a shed

Step 5: Crowds from Chinatown Remixed, checking out the alley artwork, as well as a pop-up park created by Jackpine

Stephen Frew sketching by Kristina Corre 

Sketch by Marc Adornato 

Photo by Chris Roussakis 

The shed at night