Shop Update

After almost a year of switching to a Squarespace website, the shop has been given an overhaul and update. It should be easier to find items, with detailed tags now. There are also a few new series in the shop, such as postcards of the Forgotten Spaces alleyway exploration, and also a series called Vacant Ottawa. 

In addition, I have made a few changes to some series, partly for organizational reasons. They are outlined below as follows, for the record: 

1) Phocess - Switched from 8" x 11" limited prints to 8.5" x 5.5" unlimited cards. (Only one limited print was made)

2) Ottawa 2006 (aka Disappearing Ottawa) - Switched from limited edition prints at varying sizes to unlimited cards (A few limited prints were made, they are now even more limited / rare. This series was originally produced as 8.5" x 5.5" unlimited postcards, though originally were not of archival quality, nor hand-signed)